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Pragmatist of Squee

Being unamused gains you little. Being amused gains you amusement.

28 July 1984
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Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human

The question is not "why?"
The question is "why not?"
The answer is "for many good reasons which I intend to ignore."


Content warning:
I'll write pretty much anything, from pure fluff to crack-fic to zombie-porn to perfectly sane, normal fic - generally not much more than drabble-length. Some of it's good, some of it isn't. Here there be slash, kink, random instances of bloodshed and sentient wigs. I don't post all that often, and have a tendency to lurk, which I sporadically resist.
When commenting, I overuse exclamation-marks.

I play tennis, I do yoga (this is new, and awesome), I garden, I read far, far too much and I don't spend half as much time writing or drawing as I'd like to (my own fault, that). I'm torn between correct punctuation and an automatic dislike of writing sad one-eyed smilies at the ends of brackets (this one, for example).
I don't post much about myself, mostly because I'm having too much fun reading. I'm lazy, easy-going (would I notice if I wasn't?), self-analytical, easily amused, easily bored. I appreciate people being people (different from me, different from each other, brilliant, fallible, insane, shiny). I love semantics, and collect rocks.

Friending policy:
Friend me and be welcome - I might or might not decide to friend you back, depending on how I feel at the time.

Current main fandoms, and favoured pairings thereof:
Doctor Who - Doctor/Master (all incarnations), Doctor/Jack/Rose.
Supernatural - Dean/Castiel
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Jet/Zuko
Torchwood - Jack/Ianto
Highlander - Methos. Methos/anyone at all (especially Krycek, Kronos, or Duncan).
Stargate Atlantis - John/Rodney.

Main fandom that isn't current any more, but which I have written quite an accumulation of fic for:
Pirates of the Caribbean - Sparrington, Beckington, Naval threesome, etc.

Fandoms I have been/am/will be fannish about (in alphabetical order and probably incomplete)
Angel the Series*, Anita Blake, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Batman Begins, Bleach, Buffy the Vampire Slayer*, Cats, DCU, Digimon, DN Angel*, Doctor Who, Dragonball Z, Final Fantasy VII*, Final Fantasy VIII*, Firefly*, From Eroica with Love, Good Omens, Gundam Wing*, Harry Potter, Hellsing, Hercules TLJ, Highlander*, Hornblower, House MD, Howl’s Moving Castle, Inuyasha, Ironman, Labyrinth, Life on Mars*, Lord of the Rings, Lost*, Loveless, Merlin*, Naruto, Once upon a time in Mexico, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ranma ½, Rurouni Kenshin,
Secret Window, Sleepy Hollow, Smallville, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG1*, Starsky and Hutch*, Star Trek: The Next Generation*, Star Wars, Supernatural*, The Magnificent Seven*, The Sentinel*, Torchwood, Transformers, Trigun, Vagrant Story*, Xena: Warrior Princess*, X-Files*, X-Men*, Yami no Matsuei, Young Wizards Series (Diane Duane), Yugioh, Yu Yu Hakusho*

* I have not read/watched/otherwise experienced the source material for this.

Profile last updated: January 3rd, 2009.
agent sands, agent smith, animaniacs, antonio banderas, ares, artemis fowl, asterix, barbossa, batman/flash, batman/joker, bdsm, beckington, blackadder, bleach, buffy the vampire slayer, captain jack harkness, captain jack sparrow, chocolate, classical history, classical philosophy, coldplay, cordelia vorkosigan, cowboy bebop, crack, crossovers, crowley/aziraphale, cupid/strife, d.n. angel, dean/castiel, desperado, diana wynne jones, dnangel, doctor who, doctor/master, don camillo, douglas adams, dragons, dumbledore/voldemort, duncan/methos, el mariachi, el/sands, ender's game, evil mutant plotbunnies, fanfiction, ffvii, flagitious wig abuse, from eroica with love, from hell, fruits basket, gillington, good omens, greek mythology, hades, harry/voldemort, highlander, history, homestuck, house/wilson, ichabod crane, ikkakuxkira, inukai, inuyasha, j'onn j'onzz, jack davenport, james norrington, johnny depp, kink, kirk/spock/uhura, krad, lewis carrol, lewis carroll, lieutenant groves, life on mars, lord cutler beckett, lord of the rings, magnificent 7, marx brothers, mask of zorro, mckay/sheppard, methos, methos/krycek, miles vorkosigan, mort/mort, muffins, music, mythology, nanowrimo, naruto, naval threesomes, ouatim, ouroboros, parodies, phantom of the opera, picard/q, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, polyamory, porn, prince of tennis, procrastination, q, red dwarf, renji/byakuya, robert rodriguez, salazar slytherin, sci-fi/fantasy, secret window, sentient wigs, shiny sharp things, ships, shuuhei/yumichika, slash, sleepy hollow, slytherin, slytherin house, smecker/shore, socrates, sonic screwdriver, sparrington, spike, spike spiegel, split personalities, spoilers, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, susan sto helit, swords, terry pratchett, the haufens, the last unicorn, the matrix, the ninth gate, the princess bride, the strangerers, theban band art, theta/koschei, threesomes, timetravel, tolkien, tom riddle, torchwood, trigun, vampires, veggie tales, voldemort/harry, writing, x-files, zack/cloud/sephiroth, zombies


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